$75 Chocolate & Chocolate Molds, by Michael Wolf.  Michael has collected molds for decades and published this beautiful new book just last year. This high quality hardback, 417 page book is loaded with photographs and information. It is a must have for mold collector's library. There are some copies available that were damaged in the mail, they are $45.

$80 Out of Print, "Chocolate Moulds", by Judene Divone, first book in English on molds, soft bound, 159 pages. Brand new.
Oakton Hills Publications, Oakton, Virginia, U.S.A., 1987. Soft Cover. Book Condition: Good. 9.75 x 8.5.  159 pages, history of chocolate, chocolate manufacturing and molding, types of molds, listing of molds with name of manufacturer, mold number, description, size and dates and lots of black and white illustrations.

$80 Out of Print, "The Comprehensive Guide to Chocolate Molds".
Hardcover: 272 pages,  Schiffer Publishing (July 1, 2007). New

More than 1300 dazzling photographs show antique chocolate molds in the shapes of bunnies, bears, chicks, roosters, and other animals; storybook characters; clowns; Santas; Christmas trees; snowmen; and many more. Items made from the molds -- in chocolate as well as chalkware, papier mache, and soap -- are also featured. An interview with one of Anton Reiche's great-granddaughters provides first-hand memories of growing up around a chocolate mold factory. Many rare catalogue pages, tips for collectors, and current values are all included. See for yourself why chocolate molds hold such universal fascination and appeal!

$100 Out of Print, "Chocolate Artistry", by Elaine Gonzalez, hard bound, her first book-221 pages, lightly used, good condition.

$35 Out of Print, "The Art of Chocolate", by Elaine Gonzalez, Chronicle Books, soft bound,  192 pages.  Brand new.

This is not just a book of masterful recipes, tips, techniques, and meticulously detailed, easy-to-follow instructions. It is an extravagant paean to decadent desserts. Filled with luscious creations and lavish artistry-Chocolate Swan Truffles, Enchanted Forest Torte-this definitive guide to working with chocolate is unusual because it is written with beginners in mind. A cooking teacher with decades of experience, Elaine Gonzalez has devised innovative techniques to put the art of working with chocolate within everyone's reach. After mastering a few basics, any cook can create shimmering cakes, seductive truffles, and amazing chocolate sculptures. With The Art of Chocolate, even novices will soon roll, curl, twist, coax, and nudge chocolate to dizzying heights of fantasy.  Featuring microwave tempering.

$35.00 Out of Print, First Edition Paperback, The Christmas Cook: Three Centuries of American Yuletide Sweets, by William Woys Weaver.  Harper Perennial publisher, 267 pages,  photos throughout, very lightly used, excellent condition.

$20 Out of print, Chocolate Memorabilia, Donna Baker.  Schiffer Publishing 2001, softbound, 157 pages.  Used, excellent condition.

$25 Out of Print, 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles, by Linda Campbell Franklin. Krause Pulications,  2003, 5th Edition, 896 pages, 8.5 x 11 in size, Paperback. New.

$15 Large format post cards 5 x 8 1/4"

Catalogues are reproductions; spiral bound with stiff clear plastic on front and back for ease of handling and protection. Discount if you purchase 3 or more catalogues. Write for information e-mail.

$20 A. Cadot, Paris made chocolate and ice cream molds, there are some pure fantasy molds in this catalogue-101 pages.

$20 Eppelsheimer, New York, two versions (acquired by American Chocolate Mould Co.) -89 pages.

$8 Heris, Germany seldom seen catalogue-31 pages.

$30 Hornlein, Germany a great reference for this manufacturer-224 pages.

$25.00 Laurosch, Germany, nice thick catalogue with mostly 3-D recognizable molds-139 pages.

$20 Letang Fils, Paris 1934, all the recognizable Letang molds, and more to add to your wish list-51 pages.

$20-Letang Fils, Paris-Five supplements to the Letang 1934 catalogue; double molds, pastilles, chocolate molds, chocolate fondant molds, and "biscuit" flats-88 pages.

$40-Letang Fils, 1893, very detailed catalogue of chocolate and ice sculpture molds, as well as bakery utensils-296 pages.

$100-Anton Reiche, Dresden Germany. This is a copy of the only authorized Reiche catalogue in the US, that owned by the Kaderli family, associated with the Weygandt Co., a Reiche distributor.  It is in 5 volumes as there are 752 pages!

$20-A. Riecke, Germany-106 pages

$25-Savage, Chicago, IL confectionary equipment, 145 pages.

$20-Sidam, Milan Italy-A lot of flats, some 3 D-104 pages

$3-Sommet, France 9 pages

$20 Vormenfabriek, Tilburg Holland-95 pages

$10-H. Walter, Berlin-39 pages

$10-T.C. Weygandt, New York-Two volumes combined, with subtle differences, but rounds out the reference, 39 pages total.

Volume discounts on any 3 catalogues or more.